Connan Mockasin Live at the Village Underground

Connan Mockasin Live at the Village Underground

Connan Mockasin Live at the Village Underground


The ever-intoxicating Connan Mockasin was in London this week performing his psychedelic pop at the Village Underground in Shoreditch. His charismatic energy and flawless guitar playing encompassed the venue in a night to remember.

The last time Mockasin played London was two years ago. Then, the crowd was much smaller and the gig far more intimate. Since then, the New Zealander has supported Radiohead on their tour down-under, so this time round, the London venue was bursting at the seams with adhering fans, intrigued followers and their friends.

Despite having played with one of the planets most renowned bands, Mockasin, tongue in cheek sang, “I am very nervous”, arriving on stage late it seemed the New Zealander was slightly overwhelmed by the boisterous London horde. After a few songs however, Mockasin seemed to ease into the music and by the last installment he had the crowd in his hands as we sang along in unison.

As well as being a very cool space to enjoy a gig, the Village Underground also offers great acoustics and a superb atmosphere. The only downside was an idiot in the crowd behind us that kept shouting drunken obscenities throughout. During “Forever Dolphin Love” he decided to accompany the song by repeating the title over and over again.

Special guests, Infinite Bisous were Mockasin’s support act. The performance included groovy, ambient, electronica pop with titles such as “Confused Porn”; pheromones hit the roof as these groovy tunes were induced with the lead’s radical hip maneuvers. It was very entertaining.


The flamboyant, captivating and endearing Connan Mockasin, is on top form and gave a flawless performance this week. His fan base is clearly expanding as the artist continues to gain much deserved recognition for his talent.  His new album Caramel will be out in November.

 Text: Claire Silvanna Cullen | Culture Editor

Connan Mockasin: Forever Dolphin Love