XXY Magazine is a growing magazine and platform, releasing six online issues a year alongside multiple events and collaborations for our readers. Since 2012, we have been promoting emerging creatives and working with them. To be a part of the team, here are the roles available:


Marketing and Social Media Assistant

This role requires a strong working knowledge of major social media platforms, an interest in marketing and an imperative understanding of the XXY brand. You will be creating engaging copy for social media channels in line with the XXY style, supporting the development of ongoing marketing and social media strategy, as well as organising press passes and attending events. Knowledge of WordPress and SEO would also be an advantage.

Deadline: 10/05/17


Marketing Director

As Marketing Director of XXY Magazine you will be responsible for the development, maintenance and growth of the brand portfolio. We are seeking an experienced, proactive and effective Director to lead all marketing, strategy and PR communications for our online platforms in addition to events that we host and attend. You will be responsible for developing the annual marketing plan, leading the Marketing and Social Media team as well as overseeing the online performance of channels in line with brand strategy. You will be an expert in SEO content optimisation and know how to navigate CMS WordPress. You will be working closely with the Editor-in-Chief and Senior Team and will be based in London.

Deadline: 30/05/17


Events Assistant

This role ranges from giving direction to graphic designers to flyers to helping find event spaces and coming up with ideas for the XXY brand. Someone who is a self-starter and would like to produce events helping emerging creatives. XXY Magazine enjoys hosting panel talks and gallery exhibitions. Interests in these type of events are necessary.

Deadline: 30/05/17


Content Director

You are the Head of Content. You must understand the XXY vision and you will be the head of the editorial team across fashion, art, design, culture and politics, keeping up to date and giving direction for our present and forthcoming issues. As the Content Director, you will be liaising with the CEO and Editor-in-Chief to produce the best work and understand the independent magazine market and the commercial side. You will be the EIC’s right hand. You must be active within your knowledge of the zeitgeist and have editorial experience in a similar role. You need to be based in London for this role as a Content Director is a key ambassador for the magazine.

Deadline: 30/05/17


Menswear Editor

This role asks for a passion in menswear. From having an in-depth knowledge of designers to what’s happening next for menswear in the fashion industry. As the Menswear Editor – you will be looking after editorials and content in regards to menswear. A growing contact list, visual eye and an understanding of the magazine is a must. You need to gain the full results of this role.

Deadline: 30/05/17


Fashion Writers

Covering Graduate Fashion Week and London Fashion Week Mens on social media and written content.

Deadline: 30/05/17


*Send all applications with said role in the subject to For submissions, please see our FAQ page. XXY Magazine does not have paying roles as it is a growing start up thus all profit made is reimbursed into the running of the publication.