Careers XXY Magazine is a growing magazine and platform, releasing six online issues a year alongside multiple events and collaborations for our readers. Since 2012, we have been promoting emerging creatives and working with them. To be a part of the team, here are the roles available:

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Graphic Designer

see url To assist in designing the layout for XXY Magazine’s first print issue. Indesign and Photoshop experience is a must. Knowlege in independent magazines and newspapers is preferred. source site Deadline: 20/10/17

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Advertising Manager

follow link Your role is to seek and produce collaborations with XXY Magazine and external companies whilst understanding the XXY Magazine brand. You will be able to come up with solutions, have an expansive contact list and think of creative ways to connect companies to XXY Magazine. go here You will be paid a commission. get link Deadline: 31/10/17

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Marketing and Social Media Assistant

source url This role requires a strong working knowledge of major social media platforms, an interest in marketing and an imperative understanding of the XXY brand. You will be creating engaging copy for social media channels in line with the XXY style, creating weekly newsletters as well as organising press passes and attending events. Candidates must be familiar with Hootsuite and MailChimp. Knowledge of InDesign and Photoshop would also be an advantage.

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Junior Editor

here Previous editing experience is required and an interest in independent magazines is a must. You will be assisting Senior Editors with the run of the print issue, help copy-editing pieces, working on WordPress and be a part of the wider projects XXY Magazine partakes in.

enter Deadline: 31/10/17


see *Send all applications with said role in the subject to For submissions, please see our FAQ page. XXY Magazine does not have paying roles as it is a growing start up thus all profit made is reimbursed into the running of the publication.