Editorial Assistant

This candidate needs to have a range of skills and be a rounded person. Tasks will vary from admin work to planning events and the general assistance to the senior team. This is unpaid, part-time and can be done remotely but would prefer applicant to be London based.

Deadline: 02/03/17


Fashion Editor

You must know the XXY brand inside out. Experience in planning editorials, a large contact list for stylists and photographers, and excellence in planning ahead are required. You will attend London Fashion Week and be an ambassador for XXY. In addition, you will need to be a well rounded individual, fitting into the Senior Team and taking charge of the visual aspect of XXY and its intention.

Deadline: 03/03/17


Contributing Editor

This candidate will be copy-editing the content that is published on the website. You will be working with the Features Editor and the Editor-in-Chief in order to ensure that the content is readable and accurate, respects British English standards and is written in line with XXY’s house style. Must have an eye for detail and excellent language skills. Some proofreading experience preferred.

Deadline: 03/03/17


Junior Editor

The Junior Editor role is predominantly about supporting the senior team. You must be a keen advocate and ambassador of the XXY brand. Junior Editor is expected to bring along ideas for how to best to drive the magazine forward. This is a fun and dynamic role that allows your creative freedom and input. The ideal candidate will have an excellent writing style and a passion for XXY Magazine, as a culture and creative platform.

Deadline: 10/03/2017


*Send all applications with said role in the subject to For submissions, please see our FAQ page. XXY Magazine does not have paying roles as it is a growing start up thus all profit made is reimbursed into the running of the publication.