BLOC 2015 Festival Preview

BLOC 2015 Festival Preview

BLOC 2015 Festival Preview

This weekend Bloc returns to its original haunt of Minehead Butlins, back from the dead with an awesome vengeance and a massive lineup that stretches through rising stars such as Shanti Celeste, via cult heroes such as Mr. Ties, all the way up to huge names such as Autechre, Moodymann, Jeff Mills, Levon Vincent and Marcel Dettmann.


Jeff Mills

Despite this expert curation, the infamous ordeal of Bloc 2012 at the London Pleasure Gardens made glaringly clear the folly of putting all your eggs in the line-up basket.  The unfortunate fiasco led Bloc to go into administration – a great shame given the strength of their reputation before the London anomaly.  Unsurprisingly their return has sparked a great deal of outrage, from a very small but vocal minority who were seemingly unaware that they could get a refund through their bank (you could, honest!).  Of course this does not detract from the fact that the event was a definite setback, but the ill-feeling seems to have been hard to shake despite Bloc’s best efforts.


Shanti Celeste

Fortunately this year’s edition promises to be wholeheartedly more enjoyable, given that a giant water park, laser quest, funfairs and arcades will remain open throughout the entire festival.  Additionally, showcases from Ostgut Ton, Electric Minds and Hessle Audio, alongside live performances from ESG, Karenn and Jon Hopkins (as well as numerous others) provide all the ingredients for a solid comeback for the Bloc team, and the makings of a truly memorable experience for anyone lucky enough to be in attendance.


Egyptian Lover


With all this said, the team at XXY are keen to experience for the first time the Bloc crew doing what they do best, where they do it best, on their own terms.  If the reports from pre-2012 are anything to go by, this Mother’s Day weekend promises to be one of the most outrageous in recent memory.


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Written by Toby Strudwick