Apoorva Bisht's Neverland Illustration

Apoorva Bisht's Neverland Illustration

Apoorva Bisht is an illustrator, visual and textile artist based in New Delhi, India. Her distinct use of line weight and block colour coupled with her tendency to veer towards interpretations of dreams in her work made XXY curious to know what her take on this month’s theme, “Neverland”, would be. When tasked with visually representing what childhood and the traditions we bring with us into adulthood meant to her, Bisht created this starlit scene to close the issue and explained just what it was that inspired it.

‘I thought about the theme and felt how some things never changed while growing up. In my case, it definitely is star gazing. I was really young when my dad got me a pop-up book of the universe. I was so thrilled and excited and loved reading about the stars, the planets and the galaxy. Later, he got me a telescope and I was obsessed with it. Now, I often travel to the hills when I need a break from the city life and to get a clear view of the stars.’

Written by Leanne Westbury,

Creative Director

Illustration created for XXY Magazine by Apoorva Bisht