Social Media Is Not Real Life

Social Media Is Not Real Life

We’ve had #NoMakeupSelfies, we’ve had #Curvy girls, now we want to talk about #SocialMediaIsNotRealLife.

People have finally cottoned on to the fact that social media is offering people of all ages unrealistic and unattainable #goals and that it is becoming as damaging as the overly-photoshopped overly-skinny and perfect photos in the glossy magazines.
Social media was always invented to show what was behind this – the real, un-touched, un-glossy realities of life to share real moments with the world.
We’ve had some backlash – from apps such as Beme, which we spoke about a few months ago upon its release, which takes away the self conscious act of being able to see exactly what image you’re projecting: Taking away the filters and Afterlight moments from the user.
I, as head of social media at XXY, am on Instagram, Facebook, twitter, Pinterest, and all the beautifully curated social platforms, probably more than a healthy amount per day. This morning I woke up to a sponsored ad on my Instagram feed displaying proudly how an app could ‘remove your imperfections’ giving examples such as taking away bags under your eyes, perfecting a smooth skin tone, changing skin colour to be more tanned, among some of the ‘essential’ features offered to the millennial social-media enthusiast.
In light of the recent news of social media and its negative effects on consumers, this was hugely distasteful. Maybe the wrong PR move for the app brand, but sadly I’m sure they will ping up the apple bestsellers list at some point over the coming weeks.
This is where I come to how you can get involved in the movement of ‘Social Media Is Not Real Life’. Our current issue is called #LetsTalkAboutIt and so this sudden ‘revelation’ (which is a long time coming if you ask us) is rather timely for us to talk about the issues involved. We want to take a stand too, and while we aren’t a glossy, airbrushed counterpart of the magazine world, we feel that we should let you know how we feel about this issue.
We want to propose a subculture to the ‘Social Media Is Not Real Life’ movement and present #AntiSocial – we want to reveal the real-life side of social media. So for the rest of this month – no filters, no edits, just real, raw images posted on our social media channels. We want you to send in your real life moments – un-edited, un-retouched and un-spoiled so we can share your #AntiSocial moments with the rest of our readers too. Come and step on the bandwagon, embrace your reality and join our #AntiSocial movement.
Written by Laura Wells,
Images via Google & XXY