Actress, Thandie Newton Talks Freedom

Actress, Thandie Newton Talks Freedom

For our second installment of discussing The Privilege Issue to various creatives, Actress, Spokeswoman and Co-Founder of ThandieKay – a platform dedicated to empower women, Thandie Newton discusses the dangerous “P” word.

Tahmina Begum: What does privilege mean to you?

Thandie Newton: For me, the biggest privilege for a person right now is FREEDOM. A thing we assume we have, but on close inspection each one of us needs liberation. Whether it’s from patriarchy, physical imprisonment, an oppressive relationship, negative thinking or low self-esteem.

Freedom is the freedom to choose, to be true to your inner voice, to have compassion for yourself and others, to have tolerance within yourself and others. Education is the road to freedom – to know what your choices are and to be able to navigate the world at the same level as any other man or woman.

Fair and legitimate options made available to every individual – that’s freedom.  A full stomach and the trust in a warm loving embrace – that’s freedom. Eyeliner on a boy and an astronaut suit on a girl – that’s freedom. Loving and marrying whoever you want to love and marry- that’s freedom.

Allowing our vagina and penis to be intact until we are old enough to decide how we want to treat it – that’s freedom.

Having the awareness of and love for our bodies so that when we say YES to sex, it’s with confidence and respect – that’s freedom.

We should not have to justify our freedom, we should not have to fight for our freedom, we should not have to escape in order to be free. But the truth is we must and we must do it for others less able than ourselves, and we must win. If we don’t, freedom will be a luxury for a shrinking minority, a privilege, a commodity that is bought and sold like contraband.

Life is a privilege. You deserve to live your precious life, to be free to live your precious life. So that you can live it with pride, dignity, gratitude and grace.


Interview by Tahmina Begum,

CEO and Editor-in-Chief

Photography by W Magazine