About Us

XXY is an innovative and unconventional culture, fashion and art magazine for the intellectual and creative trendsetters aged around 18 to 34. Our readers are connoisseurs, always on the cusp of what is new and relevant. We aim to create an online platform which revolves around forward thinking concepts and an abstract approach to the creative industry. Coupled with the embrace of the established brands, XXY seeks to provide the middle ground where the new and established can coexist in a supportive and forward-thinking environment.

We take pride in the level of research that goes into our content; pushing our readers to the forefront of well informed and innovative work. Our core focus is on high design values, captivating experiences and intelligent thought provoking content. We believe in the intellect, and our magazine seeks to educate and update our readers in the creative industries, from politics to the ever-evolving intellectual topics that dominate the scenes. Our content and articles reflect that by ensuring in-depth research before publishing.

XXY is a platform that supports emerging, creative talent, nurturing them from conception to finish. It is our aim to create a strong strategy for young creatives upon which they can showcase their work and be granted the opportunity to collaborate with other creatively minded individuals to produce quality work and services for the professional industry. It is our aim to nurture these talented individuals and provide them with a solid education of the background of the creative industry; strengthen their business skills; build their network base, and help develop their brand to their full potential.