A coconut coach to the lifestyle approach

A coconut coach to the lifestyle approach

A coconut coach to the lifestyle approach

Long gone are the days when health food was seen to be for the long-haired, animal-adoring, tree-hugging hippies of this world. Along with Instagram, and the subsequent need to photograph your breakfast/brunch/lunch/dinner for the world to see, comes the desire to eat healthier, look fitter and #gettheglow. The Nougtie’s idolisation of skinny has been replaced – we don’t want to be thin anymore – we want to be leaner, stronger. Combine this with the realisation that some fats are good for us and that sugar is in fact the devil-in-a-sweet-disguise, and the time of the coconut has well and truly arrived.

Full of natural electrolytes and minerals – including potassium, magnesium, calcium, sodium and chloride as well as dietary fiber, enzymes, vitamin C and amino acids – the coconut contains all the essentials desired while being simultaneously low in calories. From this one nut comes water, milk, yogurt and oil, all of which are said to maintain digestion, relieve stress, promote weight loss, lower cholesterol and enhance your metabolism from within, while the oil itself also doubles up as a moisturiser for your hair, skin and nails.

But beware health-nuts: not all coconut products are equal to one another. Companies touting their coconut as the healthiest of all may be hiding a dirty little secret, one exposed simply by reading the list of ingredients. That is where you may find the aforementioned devil-in-disguise – sugar. Why? Because that trendy carton of water was packaged months ago. It will not be fresh by the time that you reopen it so it needs sugar to make it taste better. Our real coconut favourites, however, are pure and full of the benefits nature intended.

When you’re drinking straight from the nut, it’s party time. Raw and un-pasteurised, Cocoface is inevitably a front runner in the coconut game. Harvested at the age of 4 months, the nut is immediately packed and shipped from Thailand to the UK where it is then sold at Whole Foods and Planet Organic. Remaining fully intact, you not only get to enjoy the water but also the flesh itself. With a floral, woody and malty taste, the Nam Hom variety of coconut is virtuously delicious on it’s own, but, we’re pretty sure that no one would object to a Coco-colada – simply add rum, pineapple, agave and a little bit of reggae. Summer.

For those in dire need of a quick hit of hydration while on the move (too many Coco-coladas?), it doesn’t really get much better than Michelberger’s coconut in a can, Fountain of Youth. Working with a collective of farmers from a region in Thailand famed for the natural sweetness of their coconuts, Tom Michelberger and Nadine May ensure that the water is collected, filtered and immediately stored into the airtight can. A revolutionary way to store and maintain the freshness of the pure young coconut; the water remains deliciously refreshing – ideal for when you’re craving real coco-water but are not within easy reach of a Thai palm tree.

Aware of the negative impact both dairy and soya can have upon a person’s digestion, nutritionist Bethany Eaton came across CO YO coconut yogurt while on holiday in Australia. Now, she’s bringing this rich and creamy yogurt to the UK. Made from the white flesh of the coconut, the decadent CO YO is 100% gluten, dairy and soy-free, and, with absolutely no artificial colouring or preservatives, CO YO really is what one calls guilt-free. The perfect sunbathing accompaniment, their delicious ice cream comes in 4 ‘naughty’ flavours; Natural, Sticky Date, Raw Chocolate and Vanilla & Nutmeg – the tastiest way to avoid dairy bloat and stay slim and prim by the poolside this summer.

Rather impressively, KoKo milk is void of all the stomach-aggravating nasties found in dairy, gluten and soya while it’s also high in the essential nutrients of calcium, vitamin D2, vitamin B12 and potassium. The fact that just one 250ml glass of Koko milk will in fact provide 37.5% of an adult’s recommended nutrient intake of calcium makes it the perfect natural alternative to milk for both the lactose intolerant, nut allergenic and beauty-conscious. After all, there’s a reason a carton of milk was handed to you after lunchtime, calcium supports the body’s development of teeth, nails and hair. To cut a long story short, KoKo does everything dairy promises to do but without the formidable consequences.

Lastly, the Queen of all coconut products, oil. You can fry with it. Bake with it. Put it in your tea, your coffee. Use it as a hair mask, a make up remover, a lipbalm, a cuticle softener. It really does do it all. Made from the grated, dried and pressed meat of the coconut, the oil contains a high amount of lauric acid, which contains anti-bacterial, antiviral and anti-microbial qualities, meaning that those who regularly consume coconut oil experience less sickness. Cold-pressed, unrefined, unbleached, non-deodorised and non-hydrogenated, Biona Organic’s Raw Virgin oil is as pure is it can be and is ideal for paleo eaters.


Written by Elizabeth Hutton

Illustrations by Alice Bowsher


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