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Why Aren’t We Talking About the War in Yemen?

The Middle East is, as i'm sure you’re aware, a pretty complicated place. Simply bringing it up in the west will conjure mental images of civil wars, massive inequality and oil rich sheiks pulling the strings. It’s unsurprising as to why, the reg..

Why Aren’t We Talking About the War in Yemen?

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last couple of years, you’ll have noticed the rise of extreme right wing and populist positions in politics and society at large, from Britain First in the UK, to the so called “alt-right” in the..

Liberalism and How It Has Failed Us

Ask seemingly anyone who disagrees with you politically these days and they’ll discount whatever source you use as propaganda, regardless of if the journalist who authored the piece has a Pulitzer prize or a long history of libellous accusations. T..

Propaganda: What Does It Even Mean?

When you look up at the sky on a clear night, away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, the majesty of the stars and the moon can quickly make you feel oh-so-tiny, and yet oh-so-relaxed. For thousands of years, we as a species have been looki..

XXY Reads: A Brief History of Time by Stephen Hawking

Britain wakes; it's the morning after the 23rd of June. The carnage of the night apparent, twenty-seven Europeans surround Britain, the brothers and sisters they had been celebrating their successes with. Britain picks up its collective phone and log..

The Great British Hangover

When you think of political dissent, what do you think of? Protesters marching alongside rows on angsty police? Mass sit-ins during the US Civil rights era? Even something as mundane as a few people with placards? Well, for Mark Thomas the latter is ..

XXY Reviews: Mark Thomas “Trespass”

I would consider myself a modern enlightenment kind of guy. The value I place on rationality, science and reason come above almost everything else I consider important in my life. However, the thing that I find most fascinating and a key to how I end..

Religious Lessons for Secular Education

In an era where young people live at home for what may well end up all eternity, where a degree means seemingly nothing to your future prospects, and young, talented individuals get stuck in meaningless jobs with seemingly no prospects, it has always..