90’s On Screen Style Lust: Leeloo

90's On Screen Style Lust: Leeloo

90's On Screen Style Lust: Leeloo

fifth element

You can guarantee remarkable costume design when one of the worlds most esteemed haute couture designers is on board and Jean-Paul Gaultier’s adaptation of fashion for The Fifth Element transports us straight into a 23rd century cosmopolitan.

The ultra striking Leeloo aka the Fifth Element, played by Mila Jovovich, will ultimately save the world from destruction – but only if she choses too. She doesn’t speak much English, or Human for that matter, but she does learn quickly the difference between love and war, the latter taking great effect on her emotional wellbeing. It is up to Korben Dallas, (Mr. Bruce Willis), to make her realise that the human race is worth saving, it’s a close call but you can always trust in Brucey.

Loveable Leeloo doesn’t wear much, but her bright orange locks, matching rubber braces and skin-tight gold trousers will have you wishing the future were already here. Another notable character is Ruby Rhod, (whose flamboyant style was based on the real life Prince); his gender obscuring attire consists of sculptural cat suits and an always elaborately styled Afro. The stewardess’s little blue uniforms are totally divine and Bruce Willis can be seen wearing a vest – as standard – but in the future, it’s orange!

Text: Claire Silvanna Cullen – Culture Editor