Disclosure x Sam Smith x Nile Rodgers x Jimmy Napes – “Together”

Disclosure x Sam Smith x Nile Rodgers x Jimmy Napes - "Together"

Disclosure x Sam Smith x Nile Rodgers x Jimmy Napes - "Together"


UK Dance duo Disclosure haven’t been on the scene for long, yet they’ve taken over Europe with their familiar bouncy tunes. Even if you’re not a listening fan, you’ll have definitely heard ‘White Noise’ being pumped from a passing car’s stereo or out of a bedroom window.

Disclosure are renowned for their appearances on the UK breaks and bass scene, yet this week they’ve unleashed ‘Together‘ – a smooth and bassy R&B track that is the product of one day’s work at Timber St Studios – and the combined efforts of Disclosure, previous contributor Sam Smith, producer Jimmy Napes and funk legend Nile Rodgers. This track was given a less than satisfied review on another blog today and I don’t know why.

Funk doesn’t really feature in pop these days, not many people are into it, which is perhaps why it wasn’t so well received. For starters, funk was always an American thing, us Brits didn’t really get it.

Collaborating with Choc founder Nile Rodgers is a pretty big deal, especially if you’re a 20 year old English producer who hasn’t been on the circuit for more than a year. The track has had rumours leaked out about its production since earlier in 2013. I think people have been expecting it to sound like electro dance as per usual for Disclosure, however this track is more like Brand New Heavies meets Ibiza chillout albums of 1999. I’ve listened to the song four times whilst trying to write this review and I’m liking it more and more each time. I’m not repeatedly pressing the play button out of necessity.

Who it would go down well with:

Acid Jazz freaks

Pharrell Williams fans

Jamie Lidell fans

People in a warm, sunny part of the world right now

Anyone who’s in to underground US R&B and hip hop.

Beyonce fans

General pop and R&B fans