XXY Reads: Seeking Love, Finding Overalls by Leandra Medine

XXY Reads: Seeking Love, Finding Overalls by Leandra Medine

When you love Leandra Medine as much as she wants to be French and the fact that you know that before picking up anything- receiving her book for Christmas only means you hit your present-giver in the chin with excitement and gobble this piece up over the weekend.

Written in 2011, what I found most interesting about this memoir was how not only does it differ in its writing style compared to Medine’s blog (I mean, duh, different platforms) but how she herself and her brand has evolved. Although one may ask ‘what makes a Man Repeller’? I think anyone who reads this particular title wants to know what made this Man Repeller.

The New Yorker allows us to walk with her through memory lane in Seeking Love, Finding Overalls as she discusses period panties, the dress that made her look like ‘a baby’ when she was practically a baby and a particular Hermes ostrich clutch of her grandmothers she threw up in. And of course, harem pants. Each chapter is named after a certain item of clothing which has shaped Medine’s life thus truly conveying in a genuine heartfelt manner the ability of clothes. This is what we, fashion magazines try to express to our readers: the power they have in transforming one’s character and producing as many personas as you may like. 

However, this New York Times bestseller is definitely the first chapter for the Man Repeller brand. If you have been following Leandra’s blog- now, influential beast of a platform in all manners which shouts ‘CULTURE’ for a while, this title will feel even more nostalgic for you. However if you’ve never heard of any of the above, I’d recommend reading Man Repeller’s content first and understanding this incredibly intellectual and naturally sassy blog which analyses things we all think about and in more detail than the Chanel stage designers can only dream of. The book reflects a time of the makings of Leandra as a human being and the pivotal beginnings of Man Repeller when it was boxed as “trends men hate which women love” but now a place of discussion and conversation across a variety of topics. It seems as though reading Seeking Love, Finding Overalls is the sentimental yet essential backdrop of how Man Repeller started whereas now we are living in its continued successes. P.S remember to take that damn Man Repeller quiz.


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Tahmina Begum/ @tahminaxbegum

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