Issue 10: The #LetsTalkAboutIt Issue

Issue 10: The #LetsTalkAboutIt Issue

In the 19th century, the spread of knowledge or just mere information was a symbol of opulence. However, what Dr. Aileen Fyfe, a Book Historian recognised, in this vital moment of publishing is the revolutionary shift of power, “the transformation of the printed word, from rare luxury to an everyday commodity”. However, skip nearly a couple hundred years and you get to us: where although vast amounts of fantasies, facts and figures in all shapes and forms are borne in less than seconds every day, where instead of the connotations of general words on paper to be in connection to taste, (unless we are talking about all the super niche artsy minimal magazines which just simply force you to be cool) words now almost seem cheap. Yet in this never ending spiral of news, we are still so dumb. Therefore for this issue, forget Fashion, forget Art and forget Culture in those interdisciplinary subsections. As for the next month, we are going to be discussing all the things which make us mad, including all the things we do not understand but shall try to explain in words which have more potential than we realise, all the things which enlighten us- better or worse and all the things we want people to recognise or just write about.

You may be wondering why are we describing what we do regularly (*pauses to flick hair in emoji manner*) but XXY is tired and with all due non-respect- bored. We are restless about the idea that there are millions of magazines, online platforms and news channels which flitter around subjects or secondly, regurgitate information we have already seen on Instagram. We are tired about the content which states it is catered “for us, by us”, the things we should be caring about instead of what we actually do. Whether it is matters about mental health, the everyday normality of masturbation, being excused when Xenophobic due to our living standards, we will also be talking about revenge porn and “Can Ethical Fashion Be Sexy” and our obsession with being “sexy” as well as titles such as  “Why Is Everyone Obsessed With Looking White?” XXY will not be ranting nor just recounting, we will be starting the conversation which preceded even this publication. So let’s begin, #LetsTalkAboutIt.


Written by Tahmina Begum/ @tahminaxbegum

Co Editor-in-Chief

Illustration by Aase Hopstock

Photo by Bruce Weber for Vogue 1995 via


xxy skin whitening illustration